Simply Put – Iris Rocks – Happy 95th Birthday!

Iris Apfel is turning 95 on August 29th!   Even my dog George is in the mood to celebrate, so he’s bejeweled and fashionably framed below (admittedly, there was some bribery involved in this photo shoot, in the form of many dog treats.)

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I first discovered Iris through Albert Maysles’ eponymous documentary, “Iris”, which was released in 2014. (You can find it on Netflix if you haven’t already seen it – I highly recommend it).

Iris and her husband Carl created a textile firm in 1948 called Old World Weavers, which they ran until they retired in the early 1990’s.  During that time she travelled the world for their business and began amassing quite the collection of  artisanal clothes and costumes, and came to broader recognition in 2005 when the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York featured an exhibition of her collection, entitled “Rare Bird: The Irreverent Iris Apfel.”

Iris is a style icon of our time.  She has inspired designers, stylists, models, and regular people like me, without really even trying to do so –  and that’s a beautiful thing. Iris is the ultimate Instagram influencer – she has 310K followers, and follows no one!

But Iris isn’t only about couture.  It was announced recently that Iris will unveil a fashion and jewelry line in partnership with Macy’s this September. I can’t wait! I love that Iris embraces the high and low of fashion – here is a quote from the documentary:

“I get more of a kick out of this (bracelet) and it cost me $4 and change, than if my husband took me to Harry Winston.”

I’m highlighting a few beautiful statement necklaces below that I’ve discovered recently online for next to nothing. In honor of the inimitable Iris’s birthday, let’s all embrace a little more bling to celebrate.

 World Market

You might be surprised to find pretty jewelry at World Market.  I know that I was!

This is the only one of the necklaces featured in this post that I actually own.  I have gotten a lot of compliments on it, and it was so inexpensive.  The turquoise faceted beads are on a double strand antiqued gold chain.

This one features clusters of ivory-toned jewels in starburst silhouettes – so pretty.

And finally, with three cascading strands of deep gray faceted stones, in antiqued gold – lovely!

Bauble Bar

Sooo… these necklaces are a little more expensive than the World Market ones, but beautiful and still reasonable!

Coral is my current favorite color, so I’m really tempted to get this multi-strand necklace.

This multi-pearl collar is simply stunning.

I love the color of this acrylic seaglass bib. There is also a pink version.

There are so many resources for beautiful jewelry, these are just two!

I hope you wear your boldest jewelry over the next few weeks to celebrate Iris, I know that I will.  And to close with a quote from Iris:

“More is more and less is a bore.” 🙂

Until next time.


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